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Manifesto For Middlesbrough launch Launching My Manifesto For Middlesbrough
Nearly 100 people of all backgrounds and political beliefs attended the launch of my Manifesto For Middlesbrough in the beautiful Trinity Centre in North Ormesby. I announced how, if I’m elected mayor on May 2nd, I’ll actively challenge and set targets for Cleveland Police. That I’ll introduce by-laws against spitting, peeing and littering the streets.[…] Read More
Andy Preston at the Centre Square development in Middlesbrough, which he says could end up costing Middlesbrough Council dearly I Can Deliver On Misguided Investment Prospectus Promises
Middlesbrough Council have been talking about Centre Square for several years now. So far they’ve managed to attract only one tenant to the multi-million pound development – and unbelievably that’s themselves. Other than a series of meaningless press releases, there is no evidence yet that they have anyone else lined up for Centre Square. Because[…] Read More
Labour mayoral candidate Mick Thompson They’re Trying To Buy Votes
As mayor of Middlesbrough, I’d find money to support our incredible communities and help them improve. Over the last nine years, I’ve focused on helping to raise funds for communities and charities. In fact, I’ve led the effort that’s raised and distributed over £5m. Empowering communities and individuals is a fantastic thing. But Middlesbrough Labour’s[…] Read More

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"I believe in Middlesbrough. Together we can make amazing things happen."
- Andy Preston charity leader, businessman, Middlesbrough mayoral candidate
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